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At GoldenLink, we develop, design, and deliver training content focused on marketing, social media, and growth mindsets to help businesses take the next step in their growth journey. 

Our services can serve as an excellent tool for training or as a cost-effective training solution for independent brokerages. We offer customized solutions, project management, and coaching packages to partner with you on your specific needs.

Meet Karri Bedor

Karri has spent years of her career in the professional and corporate world in finance, marketing, and real estate. Her passion for creativity mixed with her growth mindset inspired her to create GoldenLink Training Coaching and Marketing where she can share her knowledge, expertise, and insight to help people and businesses grow through strategic marketing, social media, and professional development. Karri brings an energetic and unique point of view to her training and coaching with an upbeat and optimistic point of view that will challenge the status quo and promote a growth mindset. Karri loves to travel the world, is an avid music and dog lover, is afraid of snakes, appreciates a good cup of coffee, and loves her family.

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