Social Media Boot Camp

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Get a 2-day Social Media Bootcamp

May 17th - 18th, 2023, 9 am - 12 pm

Social Media Bootcamp - Part 1: Social Media Platform Overview

  • An overview of Social Media Platforms and why to use them
  • Discover social media trends that will help you stay relevant on platforms
  • Dig deeper into LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter
  • Understand engagement and why you need a strategy for this

Social Media Bootcamp - Part 2: Drive More Engagement on Your Social Media

  • Get ideas on how to be more engaging and authentic on your social media
  • Dig deeper into Facebook & Instagram
  • Breakdown of why videos are impacting social media 
  • Develop a video strategy for your platforms of choice
  • Dig deeper into TikTok, YouTube, and Snap Chat


What can you expect?

This workshop is packed full of valuable guidance that will give you a deeper understanding of different social media platforms and how to use them in your business.

Who is this workshop for? 

This workshop is perfect for any small business owner, independent contractor, or sales and marketing professional looking to amplify their presence.  

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$39.95 USD