E8: Dancing with Fear and Resiliency on the Journey from Agent to Broker-Owner with Hope Graff and Michelle Maiman

In this episode, GoldenLink founders Karri Bedor and Kristin Steede welcome guests Hope Graff and Michelle Maiman to the show. Together Hope and Michelle own Realty ONE Group Haven in the Appleton and Green Bay, WI markets. Listen in as they share their journey from agent to broker-owner and why they made the decision to go from an independent broker to a franchise.

After this podcast, reflect on the following questions:

  • What influences the decisions you make?
  • Do you feel like you are getting the support you need to be successful in real estate?
  • When it comes to change, are you a "go" or a "whoa"?
  • Do you have people around you to help compliment your natural strengths and way of being?

Want to get in touch with Hope Graff or Michelle Mainman? Here is how!



LinkedIn - Hope Graff

LinkedIn - Michelle Maiman


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