E14: Building a Real Estate Empire with Social Media featuring Gogo Bethke

In this episode, GoldenLink founders Karri Bedor and Kristin Steede welcome guest Gogo Bethke to the show. With just over a decade of real estate experience Gogo has earned the nickname "The Social Media Queen" due to the following she has built. With over 80,000+ followers and 1M+ impressions every month she has been recognized as one of the top 3% Realtors in the nation. Listen in as Gogo talks about the mindset and framework it takes to show up authentically on social media and why its so important to know your numbers.

After this podcast, reflect on the following questions.

  • If you are using social media, are you showing up authentically?
  • How are you scheduling your day? Do you have a clear framework around your money making activities?
  • Do you know, on average, how long it takes you to do what you do? Do you know your average hourly rate?
  • What areas in your life could you structure differently? Do you have tasks, either at work or at home, that you could delegate or outsource to someone else?

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